Absorption and reduction of CO2 emissions

New carbon capture technologies.

Air capture technology.

Development of new alternatives for climate impact mitigation.

Development of new solutions and technologies for CO2 and GHG capture.

Development of new solutions for CO2 and GHG storage.

Development of new productive uses for CO2 and GHG.

Solutions that promote the measurement of emissions and/or the assignment of prices to GHGs in corporations ("internal carbon pricing").

Solutions that enhance the development of carbon markets.

Circular economy and waste management

Incorporation of circular supplies.

Extending the useful life of products and parts.

Reduction of waste generation.

Facilitate and scale up material recovery and reuse.

Stimulate the development of the recycling industry.

Improve hazardous waste management, minimizing its climate impact.

Encourage and facilitate the use of organic waste.

Development of a marketplace and/or supply chain for waste commercialization.

Sustainable energy and green fuels

Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS).

Development and dissemination of new alternatives in fuels and energy storage (batteries).

Solutions that contribute to the adoption of renewable energies.

Development of waste-to-energy solutions.

Development and adoption of new storage solutions.

Development of solutions that contribute to the implementation of the "smart grid" or intelligent electrical networks.

Transportation and logistics

Sustainable transportation with zero-emission electric vehicle fleets

Electric mobility and hydrogen vehicles

Solutions that improve efficiency in logistics processes, reducing the need for transportation.

Financial tools to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility

Efficiency solutions and conversion to the use of energy with lower climate impact in different types of transportation.

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